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Our Story

SaladFusion as the name suggests is a fusion of five people working in diverse areas in different industries. It is a joint thought of fusion team considering opportunity and not much touched segment. The fusion team felt the need of an hour to provide healthy food like Salad, Smoothie and Juice regularly to many people. There are many people who would like to go for Salads but due to some or the other constraints they can not avail the benefit of such healthy food. Employees cannot find time to prepare for themselves also they do not have easy access to the food. People at home find it difficult to prepare such food on daily basis so they end up at eating junk food. The junk food is believed to be the leading cause of diseases like Diabetes, Digestive problems and other cardio-vasccular diseases.

Also, the sedentary life style of many people is increasing the burden of CVDs in India and across the globe. To curb the increasing burden, it is advisable to change the food habit on daily basis.

To meet the need identified, fusion team has come up with the solution of providing SaladFusion and deliver it to the door-step of the of the person.  There are following advantages of it,

  • Convenience
  • Healthy on packing
  • Economically viable
  • Healthy food

The common motive behind SaladFusion team is their passion to be in the healthy food industry.

Advisory Group

Mr Ajay Shah

He is the chief advisor of SaladFusion. He is a veteran Chartered Accountant with experience of more than 15 years in the Industry and more than 25 years as an Independent Consultant. He worked in diverse industries like textile, chemical etc. His assignments as an auditor were with many renowned private and public sector banks. He guides the team SaladFusion with his rich experience and wisdom in every trivial as well as important strategic decision.

Margi Khamar

She is the advisor for finance related matters to SaladFusion. She is a Chartered Accountant with more than 10 years of Industry experience. She has worked in core areas of finance like MIS, Audit, Budgeting in diverse industries like KPO, Chemicals, Pharma,IT. She has also worked in operations and her management ability is acclaimed in every assignments. She also contributes in the recipes just because of her passion of cooking different dishes and experimenting new recipes.

Anand Khamar

He advises in the operational matters. He has done Bio-Medical Engineering and MBA-Marketing. He has experience of more than 6 years in the Pharmaceutical industry. He has worked upon diverse assignments like marketing research, IPR, Project Management and coordination of foreign delegations. He has taken up this role in SaladFusion  because of his fascination towards a food start up.

Nidhi Shah

She is the youngest advisor to SaladFusion. She has done MBA in finance. She is having experience in MIS and customer relation function in pharma industry of more than 4 years. Her ability of management and inclination towards cooking enhanced the flavor of SaladFusion. She advises in the costing and accounting related aspects.

Meet Shah

The techie! He is the technical advisor of the SaladFusion. He is a software engineer with 3 years of experience in IT industry. He is expert in website development and has developed more than 200 websites. He has helped in completing the concept to commercial cycle in SaladFusion. His hobby of exploring different dishes made him opted to take up this role.

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